Friday, February 5, 2010

Living like a Homemaker

I am a homemaker, but I'm working on living more like one. Maybe it's just the renewed energy from finally being way out of 1st trimester... but lately I've been in the mood to stay on top of cleaning, spend more time teaching Marie, and try new recipes.

I got a great cook book from my mom-in-law for Christmas. It's perfect for me. Simple recipes for every day life. The best part is I've heard of most of the ingredients! (That's saying something!) The first recipe I tried was a success!

Fried Onion Rings...

At least as delicious as they look! It was a little messy to make but very easy and pretty quick.

The second recipe I tried was Egg-in-the-hole. I've wanted to learn how to make this since I saw it on "V for Vendetta" (a very fascinating movie that has strangely played many rolls in our lives!) I guess this recipe was a success... in a backwards sort of way. Derek likes his eggs well done. I like mine a little runny. Somehow I managed to not cook his long enough and cook mine too long... The very buttery, fatningly delicious bread made up for the less than stellar egg.

(Me and chocolate milk... we go way back.)

Today I have "Perfect Pot Roast" in the crockpot and I'm planning to make homemade Buttermilk biscuits to go with dinner tonight. My mother-in-law is coming over for dinner so she can reap the benefits of buying me a great cook book!

Here's the must-have cook book -

The Pioneer Woman - the website that will have you browsing for hours. It's like online education for moms like me. She'll have you cooking, taking pictures, homeschooling your kids, laughing, crying and blogging long before you realize you are officially hooked.

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