Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Confessions of a Food Addict

If you know me even a little, you know I've had issues with my weight. As much as I'd love to blame it on... well... anything else, I can't because it is my fault. It is a sin issue that I continue to battle every single stinkin day.

I've talked about this struggle before, but I decided to start a sort of series on my journey through fighting this addiction because I know there are so many out there facing the same battle. I know we can help each other. And I know I need the accountability, even if I hate it sometimes!

I'm planning to share things I'm learning through the Word and any other avenues God chooses to use. I'll also keep you updated on my pregnancy and post-pregnancy progress. I'm sure I'll post some tips on nutrition and exercise on occasion, but if you're looking for some excellent tips, ideas, and recipes from a real life personal trainer and nutritionist, please frequent my sis-in-law's blog - FitSteph! My focus will be on the spiritual side of it all.

To get started...

Meet me:

(I didn't hang on to many of these! These were the only ones I could find! They both date around 1994).

I'm sure there's some psychological reason behind my love of food but like I said, I can't blame anything else. My sin is my sin. I chose to indulge it even at a very young age.

I've always found comfort in food. I find it makes me happy, cheers me up, temporarily makes me feel fulfilled (in more ways than one!) I attach emotion to it. It sounds so dumb typing it out but it is true and I know I'm not alone.

Do you ever think about the things you could have done had God not intervened? I mean, sometimes I'm in awe at what He's protected me from and that's just stuff I can imagine. I'm sure He's thinking, Girl, you have no idea! One of those things He has thus far protected me from (only by His grace, not anything I earned or deserve!) is obesity. I've tipped the scales at just over 200 pounds when I was full term pregnant, but otherwise my highest lasting weight as an adult was about 168. At 5'5, that's not horrible. But that doesn't mean I did/do not fail as often or as badly as someone who wishes 200 pounds was their highest weight. Pounds on the scale is not the point. It's a heart condition. And mine is no better than any Biggest Loser contestant.

I have tasted freedom from this sin, and I'm telling you nothing tastes better! I want to thoroughly enjoy that freedom for the rest of my life by finding true joy and fulfillment in Christ alone. I hope you are encouraged and challenged by my journey!

Taste and see that the Lord is good! Psalm 34:8

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Vacation Recap

We had an absolutely amazing time! What a gift! Here is a very quick rundown:

The kids were so well behaved during the super long drive.

Heading out - Indiana
Heading home - Florida
Here is our Ohio picture at our favorite park in Dayton...

Then we stopped to see my bestest and her new babe!

Followed by me being superhuman and driving the 12-4am shift.

Here is our Florida picture...

We found a park near the resort and felt like it was sooo hot at 74 degrees!

The resort was incredible. We had our own suite so we didn't have to all stuff into one room! That's always nice. And there were so many different pools and places to walk. We spent basically the whole week swimming! And the kids finally started making strides toward actually swimming.

First Day
Last Day
Kempton has always loved to swim!

In the middle of the week, Honeygram, Marie, and I went to Magic Kingdom! Worth every penny!

Meanwhile, the boys went to Gatorland which was much more interesting to them than Disney World would have been. Jack still talks about it.

The week flew by much too fast. We were so blessed to spend quality time with family in the sun. Does it get any better?

Here is our Georgia picture...

Here is what I'm calling our Kentucky picture (even though it was technically just inside Ohio)...

We never got a Tennessee picture even though we stopped to sleep there down and back.

Here is Marie's map she worked on on our way down.

She really seemed to understand what we were doing, and now she recognizes the word "Florida." She also has plans of going back to see the princesses "next week."

We didn't have a little bit of fun. We had a "BIG FUN!"

Last week we had a super busy week of spring cleaning, appointments, and playdates. This week we are back to real life! And I'm definitely ready for it.

Hope you all had a wonderful spring break and Easter!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Adding a little education to our vacation

We are heading to Florida! Woohoo! I'm not telling you this so you will be jealous, but I would understand if you are. I mean, I would be.

What's a road trip without some preschool and kindergarten level education involved??

Here are my ideas for the drive down to the sunshine state (and possibly back if they happen to... hopefully!... sleep through a state).
  • Each noodle will be provided with a map of the United States that they are free to color (HERE and HERE are good sources).

  • As we enter a new state, they will put a star sticker on that state.
  • At some point we will stop and take a picture of the 3 kids in each state.
  • For Marie (Kindergarten), I will have a page for each state (found HERE) along with a fact sheet I put together (Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, template). She will either draw or write the information from the fact sheet onto her coloring page. 
I also found a Scavenger Hunt page HERE if the littles are interested!

It's very simple stuff but an excellent way to help them realize what's going on as we drive. We'll see how it goes! I'll have an update when we return.

What are some ways you like to teach your kids while on a long drive?

((Check out THESE ideas, too!))

Monday, March 31, 2014

Colors Unit

Marie is incredibly artistic. In spite of struggling with names of colors until she was nearly 5, she has always loved colors. Now that she has her colors down well, I thought it was time for a little more in depth study! Especially since she's always asking, "What does green and purple make?" (Insert any color in either spot!). We had a great time!

Check out all these ideas I found mostly around the www...

We had no trouble finding too many books at the library.

Writing/Language Arts:
My Color Book

Lego Game

Write sentence on how to make favorite color.


Make a giant color wheel

Experiment with mixing paint colors and Paint picture with mixed colors
Fingerpaint rainbows
Sandpaper tshirts
Rainbow Crayons
Rainbow Pasta

Predict what colors need to be mixed to make favorite color/color of choice. Experiment to find answer. Document.
Paper towel experiment
We had trouble getting this to work I think because the cups were too tall. So I had to  flip the paper towels around. Still got the idea and the kids loved it!
Soak 3 skittles in a bowl of water

"A Dream of Heaven" in the Jesus Storybook Bible
Wordless bracelet
1 John 1:7
Sing Jesus Loves the Little Children

((We weren't able to get to everything so don't go thinking we're superhuman or something)).

Meanwhile, Jack worked on R is for Rainbow!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Power of a Praying Wife GIVEAWAY

I love this book.

While trudging through a rough patch in our marriage, my mom recommended reading this book. I have read through the prayers and verses every day since then. That's 18 months to be specific.

It is not a new book. You have probably all heard of it. But if you haven't taken the time to read through it, even once, you are missing out. To make it easier for you, I came across a second-hand hard back version in mint condition that I want to give away!

Here's a little blurb in case you need some convincing that this book is for you...
"Something amazing happens to our hearts when we pray for another person. The hardness melts. We become able to get beyond the hurts, and forgive. We even end up loving the person we are praying for. It's miraculous! It happens because when we pray we enter into the presence of God and He fills us with His Spirit of love. When you pray for your husband, the love of God will grow in your heart for him. Not only that, you'll find love growing in his heart for you, without him even knowing you are praying." 
If you'd like a chance to win this book, just leave a comment sharing something you love about your husband! 

I love that Derek is incredibly patient and never raises his voice. He has never said anything derogatory to me but rather is regularly encouraging. I am very blessed! And so are you, so comment away!

((The winner will be chosen randomly))

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