Saturday, October 4, 2014

Honesty Day 7

Yay! Last day! Phew.

As if I haven't revealed enough about myself, this post is simply a list of random realness…

~I put on a particular tank top on Wednesday morning. I did not take it off until this morning.
~This means I did not shower or workout any of those days.
~Yes, I slept in it.
~Kempton ate Ritz crackers for dinner last week… twice.
~Today, I ate enough dark chocolate chips to give myself a stomach ache.
~I always brush my teeth in the morning. But almost never brush them at night.
~I worry.
~I'm selfish
~I'm scared of stink bugs. I've had nightmares. And I shiver every time I see one.
~I am very bad with names. And sometimes faces.
~I have a small pile of tshirts that I've been keeping for their sentimental value.
~I have a temper.
~I read the whole Twilight Series in 3 days (the movies are horrid).
~I also read the Divergent series in 3 days but that's significantly less embarrassing.
~Our schoolroom is so messy, we've been doing school in the kitchen.
~I rarely clean the kitchen before going to bed.
~I only brush Marie's hair when absolutely necessary.
~I often forget to brush my own hair.
~Sometimes I let the kids eat on the floor in the living room in front of their TV.
~My carpet is very dirty as a result.

Now that you know way more than you wanted to know about me…

I hope this whole experiment was encouraging to at least some of you! I'm glad it's over :)

Though painful, only honesty with God and others will enable the Christian to walk in purity and power. -Jim Elliff
Nothing can enter heaven which is not real; nothing erroneous, mistaken, conceited, hollow, professional, pretentious, insubstantial, can be smuggled through the gates. Only truth can dwell with the God of truth. -C.H. Spurgeon 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Honesty Day 6

I waste so much time.

I am plenty busy with 4 kids and homeschooling and everything else we do. Some days I feel like I'm going nonstop and still am getting nothing done. It's a hamster wheel kinda life sometimes.

But it is amazing how much time I still manage to waste. I would probably have a much cleaner house if I didn't get on Facebook multiple times a day. Evenings are the worst because I'm tired and have no desire to be productive. So I'll sit around and do nothing til much too late in the night.

Honestly, it's stupid.

There is a time to waste time...

Oh how I love snuggling and playing with my RJ as if time stood still. He usually only nurses for 10-15 minutes but I have been known to sit on the couch with him for much longer just enjoying his giggles and squishing his cheeks. I mean really, who could resist such adorableness? Totally time worth wasting.

It's never wasted time with these crazies! I should "waste" more time on them...

It certainly wouldn't hurt to waste more time on my soulmate.

The time wasting I'm confessing to here is the kind that keeps me up late at night just scrolling through Facebook, watching Netflix, eating. It's usually after the kids go to bed and sometimes I really just need the downtime. But maybe going to bed earlier would be a much better use of my time! And tonight, some time in the Word since I haven't gotten to that yet today.

I believe in downtime. I believe in some "wasted" time being good. But honestly I simply waste too much time.

Lord, help me to give of the time you've blessed me with in such a way that is pleasing to You. Teach me to number my days that I might get a heart of wisdom.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Honesty Day 5

Honesty isn't really a struggle for me (you can tell that by now, right?). The main reason for posting these days of honesty is to bring to and encourage realness in social media. It's an old discussion but still a relevant one… we post only the pretty stuff so people will think only the best of us.

I'm so very guilty of  it, too -
bragging about all the awesome things my kids do and conveniently leaving out the not so good stuff…
making sure the background of every picture is cleared of all the random debri (batman undies anyone?)...
posting all about our awesome trip to this place or that, and conveniently being quiet during all the many days of doing absolutely nothing…
and don't forget about those workout posts, the ones that come once every couple of weeks leading you to believe that I work out all the time when really I probably haven't worked out at all in between pics…
all those things I managed to accomplish today that I wrote all about in my Facebook status? It was more than I've accomplished in an entire week, I did absolutely nothing but stuff my face with peanut butter and dark chocolate chips the rest of the day, and I yelled at my kids the whole time…

Here's the honesty part: the problem is not with these rose-colored posts. We probably shouldn't be laying out all of our dirty laundry for the whole world to see anyway (oops!).

 I think the problem is in our (my!) response to others' posts of their "perfect" lives.

When I see someone post a picture of their feet propped up with a hot cup of something delicious in their hand, and a candle burning on the clean coffee table, and not a speck of clutter in sight, I get jealous. It would take me all day to set up a pic like that!

Another post that tends to prick my jealousy bone is seeing pictures of moms with all their kids doing super fun (and of course educational!) things. I start to feel like a horrible mom for not wanting to leave the house and feel stress just thinking about doing those things!

I told Derek the other day that I want to be a family who "does stuff" together. His response: "We do do stuff together." And he's so very right. It's not always glamorous or even post-worthy, and sometimes our "doing stuff" is nothing more than just being together, but I'm working on being truly content no matter what others' lives look like on Facebook.
This is the day that the Lord has made! I will rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm 118:24
O God, I beg two favors from you; let me have them before I die. First, help me never to tell a lie. Second, give me neither poverty nor riches! Give me just enough to satisfy my needs. Proverbs 30:7-8

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Honesty Day 4

I have half hour to post this before it's tomorrow so it'll be a quick one.

I've already confessed on numerous occasions my struggle with food. So maybe for today's honest confession, I'll be more specific about what foods tend to be a problem…

I finished a bag of Kroger brand tortilla chips with lime with minimal help from Kempton in two days. Twice. (As I was looking for an image of this, I found a coupon for a free bag and got distracted…)

I've been known to finish off at least half of a bag of dark chocolate chips in a day.

I love mountain dew. And pizza. And chocolate. And chips.

I could consume all of the above in one sitting.

Don't even get me started on fatty, creamy dips…


None of these foods are a sin to eat. I believe God has gifted us with the sense of taste to enjoy food! It is in the attitude behind the eating of these delicious foods where the sin resides.

Sometimes I think I'm entitled to eat whatever I want and however much I want…
"I'm stressed, I deserve this." "It's been a long day, this will make me feel better." "It's a special occasion, I'll make better choices tomorrow."

As my daughter quoted to me today (thanks co-op!): Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Honesty Day 3

My kids watch movies and play on the computer or iPad every single day.


We don't have TV but they have all sorts of VHS' and they watch PBS Kids on the iPad. They also play games on the iPad every day (Kempton is learning his letters and how to write them already thanks to one of his fave iPad games), and most of Jack's schooling is done on the computer!

And even worse, I don't have any set rules for these things. When I feel like they're spending too much time on these things, I tell them it's time to move on and they rarely argue. They do get a little obsessed with other peoples iPads because they have different games. That gets annoying. But at home they rarely obsess over it and I am perfectly fine with letting them watch movies and play on the iPad. They've actually learned a lot through PBS Kids and iPad games.

Now brace yourself... I've even used these things as a babysitter.


Doggone it, I just don't care what you think!

Maybe that's the honest part of today's post... my kids get all sorts of screen time and I don't care what you have to say about it!

((But I do appreciate and love all of you, my friends and family! You know that, right? :-* ))

Disclaimer: Fear not, loved ones, I am not at all careless about this. I do not use movies to babysit Roger. Only Derek and Marie do that. Ha. I'm strict with what they watch and I don't let them lay around all day watching. I also have plans to establish boundaries, but for now it's working just fine how it is.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Honesty Day 2

I know I'm not totally alone in this because people tell me all the time that I'm not.

But really.

Does anyone else's house really get this messy?

And even if it does, does it really stay that way for months at a time?

And even if that does happen, does anyone else really sit down on the couch at the end of the day, turn on Netflix, and pretend like you didn't have to dump a bunch of stuff onto the floor in order to sit down on the couch?

My house hasn't been clean since I got pregnant with Roger.

Not that it was ever really clean before him, it's just reached new heights of messy.

Sure, there's been a day here and there that it's gotten clean enough. We hosted Easter in April and birthdays in July. So the house was clean for a minute then. And it took me a week at least of several meltdowns to prepare the house for those occasions.

I only clean the kids' bathroom when I know someone is coming over. I usually only clean our bathroom when it's so disgusting even the kids don't want to go in there. I hate cleaning bathrooms.

The master bedroom is the messiest room in the house.

Very recently the house was such a mess that you could not take more than one step without having to step over something… throughout the entire house.

My kitchen looks like this probably 4 times a week.

Now before any of my kind friends try to encourage me by saying I'm spending time with my kids and that's more important, let me clarify… sure I'm spending all sorts of time with my kids but not the kind of time you're thinking.

I'm wiping noses and butts. Feeding, disciplining, listening to endless chatter. These are very important things, I know. And I truly love every part of my calling. But I'm not even sort of the Pinterest mom who sits and plays tea party every day and puts on costumes and productions in the living room. Maybe on rare occasions, but mostly…

I'm just trying to survive.

And not ruin my children's childhood in the process.

I'm sure I'll get the hang of things eventually and it won't be quite so disgusting around here. But in the meantime I'm going to embrace the wisdom my mom passed along to me from her dear friend, Vicki: This is just a phase. It won't always be this way. And I don't want to waste away this phase by concerning myself (too much) with things that will not alter the course of eternity.

I have learned that sometimes I just need to let it go (that song is literally playing in Marie's room at this moment) because refusing my sis-in-law's company at a moments notice because of a messy house is sad and something I simply don't want to do. And I'm super thankful for friends and family who love me in the midst of the mess!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

7 Days of Honesty

My life has been a little bit chaotic since Roger was born. We are so busy, and I have a two-year-old who hits and screams and throws all out tantrums at the drop of a hat (sometimes literally!) I'm tired. I'm irritable. Sometimes I cry...

I can't do this.

I came across this video on Facebook today -

I didn't have the sound on so I had no idea how the mom was responding, but I could tell she was responding significantly better than I would have because the kids aren't crying or flinching. They don't look afraid of Psycho Mommy.

At first I laughed out loud, then I started to get teary. I know I would turn into Psycho Mommy because there have been three separate incidents where seriously huge and hard to clean messes were made (one involved pencil and white wall, another involved markers and Marie's entire room, and the last involved baby powder and Jack's entire room), and I lost it.

So I'm watching this honestly pretty hilarious situation and thinking, wow, I want to be that mom who takes a deep breath, gets down in the flour, and starts drawing pictures in it with her babes. Sure, we'd discuss how it was not a good idea to make such a mess, and they would most definitely have to help clean it up.

But first, we'd enjoy life together. First, we'd make the most of the situation. First, we'd make memories. Not the kind of memories I have when I see a bottle of baby powder. I can see their crushed spirits on their sweet, scared faces. No, I want to make the kind of memories that make us giggle together years later, that make me completely forget the process of cleaning it all up because the playing in it was so worth it.

My prayer is to lose the Psycho and put on the Loving, Patient, Enduring, Memory-Making Mommy.

This is Day 1 of my 7 Days of Honesty. This is my life. Real, messy, crazy, sometimes ugly life. I'm gonna spend the next 7 days sharing my real life and finding the joy in it. Anyone else brave crazy enough to join me?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Oh how He loves

The past couple of years... er... days have been rough with Kempton. He's always been the difficult one, but it rarely got to me because he really is so stinkin' sweet and snuggly.

But something about ruined nap times...


So many regrets this week, but God did a little humbling today. Roles switched around and suddenly I'm in Kempton's shoes, and God is in mine.

But here's the huge difference: God always loves me, always lavishes grace, always shows mercy, to an extent I cannot even fathom.

This kid, who can barely keep his eyes open all morning, cannot obey the simple rule of staying in bed during nap time. He really wants to sleep. His body longs to sleep. But his sinful nature is just too overwhelming.

How many times do I let my sinful nature win out in a single day? And yet I haven't heard God scream empty words at me. I haven't seen Him throw His hands up in defeat and storm away.

Oh, how He loves me.

Disobedient me.

And this baby boy.

I love you, Sweet Shmemp. Always and forever, no matter what.

For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38-39

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Confessions: #losethebabyweight2014

Sweet baby Roger is 7 weeks old already! The day he turned 6 weeks old, I went for my first run since February. Managed 1.5 miles and would have continued if it weren't for the mosquitoes!

I love running.

How did I manage my weight during pregnancy? It was a struggle. I definitely failed in so many ways. It was frustrating, too, because I kept up with workouts and ate better than any other pregnancy and still had the second highest gain of the four pregnancies. I still ended at the lowest weight so at least there was that! I don't know why it happened but now that is in the past and it is time to get my body back!

The day Roger was born.

I am actually having a little trouble typing right now because my arms are still shaky from my first postpartum weights workout earlier today! I'm exhausted in a beautiful way! You know what it's like after a workout when you feel all toned and skinny? Then you look in the mirror and realize that there is absolutely no visible change from before the workout? Ugh, I used to get so discouraged by that! Not that I expected to actually look different, but just being reminded of what I actually look like as opposed to how I felt was annoying. But God has really been growing me in the area of how I think and feel about my body.

My body rocks.

I carried 4 extra large babies followed by 4 complication-free surgeries.
I have breast-fed all 4.
I can run.
I can lift weights.
I can breathe without effort.
You get the point.

Thanks be to God for this rockin' body!!

That being said, I'm still very ready to get rid of the excess! So the weight loss journey begins once again. Would you join me? If you have some baby weight to lose, ((even if it's been 20 years since you last had a baby!)) and you are in need of some encouragement and motivation, check out the hashtag "losethebabyweight2014." I will be using that with any and every Instagram (DandLJacobs) post I post related to the journey. It might show up on Facebook now and then also. Please use the hashtag also! It doesn't matter how you are going about this weight loss, we could all use the encouragement!
I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are Your works; my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:14
((Want to stalk me? Find me on MyFitnessPal and MapMyRun))

Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Summer (so far) in a Tiny Nutshell

We finished (or better, I decided we needed to be done!) school on Thursday, May 22!

To celebrate, I surprised the kids with a trip to the zoo! Which just so happens to be how we started the year.

Memorial Day weekend was spent in Ohio with the family. Always a wonderful time there!

Then the most adorable little man was born on June 9, weighing in at 9 pounds, 9 ounces. ((I am just now noticing all the 9s!))

Birthdays were celebrated...

Dear friends visited...

And, as usual, a trip or two to the fair!

Up next we have another quick trip to Ohio so the family can meet Roger Douglas, and some more birthdays to celebrate!

It has been a very busy but very blessed summer! Derek has been an amazing help with all of our babies. Best Dad Award. The big kids absolutely adore their new brother, even Kempton!

I am looking forward to starting school when I find the time to plan for it! I'm also very excited to start working out again when I can find the time for that! Life with 4 is crazy busy but I love it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Marie's Dance!

This girl absolutely loves to dance.

Of course I made some matching earrings :)
This year she and her class danced to a Russian song.

The lighting was horrible so we didn't get very many pictures of the actual dance. But I did manage to get an okay video!

It's such a joy to see the joy on her face.

Looks like this dance thing might not be just a phase!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Letter M Crafts

Here are three letter M craft ideas we enjoyed recently!

Monkey Masks

Print out the template HERE, color, cut, and play!

Marshmallow Painting

I found a bubble letter M through google and printed it out. Then we dipped large marshmallows in paint and painted away!

 They got to enjoy a treat of one CLEAN marshmallow :)
We used large marshmallows because that's what we had on hand. You could use a variety of sizes. You could also glue the marshmallows on the M.

Monster M

We got some cutting practice in with this one. Then I just let the kids create!

For more ideas than you'll probably ever be able to use, check out the Letter M Activities page over at The Measured Mom! Love her site.

Love our happy wall!

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