Friday, October 14, 2016

My Why

This morning I was mulling over why I joined Plexus and decided to pursue the business side of it. It is totally and completely outside anything resembling my comfort zone to be a part of something like this. And so many times in the past when I considered joining a company like this, God always gave me a big fat NO. But over the last few months it seems God has been sorta preparing me for when Plexus showed up in my life.

I found Plexus because I was in search of the best probiotic out there. I didn't realize Plexus was it so I went a different route. Meanwhile, God was nudging my heart toward some kind of home-based business. But He was still saying no to the options I thought made the most sense. Instead, during my many middle of the night restless leg episodes, I kept thinking - "I should be taking Plexus."

Finally, I gave in with Derek's blessing, knowing that the only way we could afford supplements even just for me would be to pursue the business. And for the first time ever, after years of asking God if He wants me to be a part of this business or that business, He finally gave me a green light! It has been freeing and exciting and terrifying!

My WHY has always been (even when considering other businesses) to be able to afford to take care of my family's health. There were many times I would break down in tears telling Derek how desperately I wanted to naturally care for our family but how discouraging it was to not be able to afford it!

Because of Plexus, I now have the opportunity to afford the best supplements for my family!

Back to the mulling I was doing this morning... After time in my War Room God opened my eyes to another very important WHY:

Marie is in a ballet class with girls several years older than her at a level that is challenging to her. Dance has never been challenging to her. And making friends hasn't been difficult either. But now she's in a situation that makes her nervous, shy, and feeling insecure. She doesn't have any friends in the class and when encouraged to talk about it, she mentions how she's not sure she'll be able to keep up with the moves. She lacks the confidence to face scary and uncomfortable things.

Just like her momma.

God has called me to do something that my human nature simply doesn't want to do - leave what's comfortable to do what's right. I want to be that example for my biggest girl. I want to be able to wrap my arms around her and teach her about confidence in who she is as a Child of God, about how pursuing dreams means facing hard things, about how true joy is pushing through the hard, uncomfortable, scary to find the beauty on the other side.

Marie is my WHY.

These babes (and their dad!) are my WHY!

I'm sure as my business grows, the WHY of simply wanting to afford supplements will fade and a new WHY (pay off the house? go on vacation? grow our giving?) will take it's place. But my core WHY will always be my family.

What is your WHY for pursuing your dreams???

((Curious about Plexus?? Contact me!! I would LOVE to help you pursue your dreams!!))

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