Wednesday, May 18, 2016

We are a family of 7!

We just returned from getting to see our newest little wiggly in an ultrasound today! Beautiful, strong heartbeat and super active - praise Jesus!

Here's the answers to all your questions:

Due Date? December 13

Was this planned? Yep. Well sorta. We'd been trying for 7 months so it certainly wasn't a surprise!

How am I feeling? The feeling like death is slowly passing. The debilitating fatigue is beginning to have its manageable moments. Truly praising the Lord for those things because I really wasn't sure I'd make it there for awhile. I'm also feeling LARGE as my food aversions have been intense (oh you know, things like vegetables and meat) while my food cravings have also been stronger than ever (pizza, chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes...) Looking forward to being a WHALE in a couple of months.

What are you hoping for? A girl. Of course. We've had a girl name picked out for 6 years now and we really feel like she belongs in our family. We believe God will bless us with our Amber. But we won't have any trouble loving another toe-headed mister. But that will probably be his name... Toe-Headed Mister. 

Is this the last babe? That is the plan.

Will you have another csection? Yes. Can I just tell you, while I'm typically a more natural, organic momma, I am so grateful for csections. I've come to terms with the fact that this is what God has called me to, and without the surgeries we would not have all of our sweet babes.

Are the kids excited? Very! Kempton has declared the baby a girl from day one. Roger is a little bit of a different story. He was already giving the baby the stink eye on the ultrasound.

Feel free to ask any other questions! We are so very grateful. Children are a gift... a sweet sweet reward. We are so thankful that we get to be entrusted with the care and raising of another gift!

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