Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I know that all of you wait anxiously by the computer, waiting for my next amazing, thought-provocing, inspirational post. I'm sorry to keep you waiting! We've been sooo busy with wonderful things. I have a post about our super-fun Memorial Day weekend in the works. But today I came across an article I had to share.

Check out this article about a huge study comparing running versus walking. I love to walk, but I love running much more and I'm excited that running wins overall! I mean, they are both very beneficial but according to the study, running is better for weight control, and it actually suppresses appetite! (I can tell I haven't run in awhile. I've had the serious munchies today!)

I love that I am lowering my risk of high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes as a runner. And guess what, walking helps with that, too! So get moving!

And speaking of running, I was supposed to be running my second half marathon, blowing my PR off the pavement this Saturday. But when it came to registering and we saw the price tag, we decided it wasn't worth it. And with all that we've been busy with, I'm glad God closed that door.


So this Saturday I think I'm going shopping with my mom and sis. Excellent trade-off :)

I still run and I still love it! Races are just going to wait for awhile.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Planting Potatoes

We have 104 potato plants in the ground! This is how we did it...

We got seed potatoes and I cut them in halves or quarters, so there was at least one bud on each piece. Then I let them sit on the counter on a cookie sheet (or somewhere dry and with airflow) for a couple days until they look like this...

Then we headed out back and dug trenches 4-6 inches deep.

Place the seeds about a foot apart with the buds facing up.

Then cover with just about 2 inches of soil, saving the rest of the soil for piling up around the plant as it grows. Don't let any potatoes see the sun!

We planted our first 40 seeds on April 4th, and finished up the row with 64 more seeds on April 14.  The first signs of plant popped through on April 30th!

I love how the plants burst through the soil. I've found new plants bursting through every day since the 30th!

The plants will wilt and yellow when they're ready to harvest. That'll be awhile. But I'm excited!

Here's a few shots of what else is going on around the garden...

Raspberry bushes graciously donated by my Aunt Pam:

Strawberry bushes are flowering!

Peas growing unevenly:


Lots and lots of onions! Framed by lovely dandelions:

What a blessing to get to work God's soil!
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