Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A New Possibility

We are currently praying about a job opportunity for Derek in Indiana. He would be a tutor to kids who for one reason or another cannot go to a regular school. He is THRILLED about the prospect. For so many reasons it seems to be the absolutely perfect fit.

As I got more and more excited about the idea of the job and the positive report on the phone interview, I braced myself for a possible... no probable... down side. And it came almost like an afterthought. "They only have openings in Kokomo and Fort Wayne." For those who don't know much about the flat state of Indiana, this means that the closest location would be at least an hour and a half from where my family lives. I suddenly forgot all the reasons we want this job and nearly decided this would be a terrible idea.

This move that we are hoping to make is for the purpose of making a home base to come back to on furlough. We would like to own a house and have family close by so when we're home from the mission field, we don't have to live out of suitcases and we won't have to travel to see family. 2 hours is still traveling to me!

But I promised Derek that I would pray with an open heart, just in case God leads us somewhere I'm not thrilled about (or tells us to stay here). And seeing the light in Derek's eyes when he talks about this job... well God is working on me.

So right now I'm praying that God will provide an opening in either Elkhart, Goshen, or South Bend with the expectation that He will, but the realization that He might not.

Please pray with us while we go through this process. We're traveling to Indiana to check out the campus sometime in the next couple weeks. Hopefully we'll have some definite decisions made soon!

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