Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Summer Fun Has Begun

This was the third summer we kicked off with a visit from the Jacobs side of the family. We love Memorial Day weekend!

 Part of the tradition is going to Rise and Roll on Saturday for some free food followed by petting puppies and playing on playsets.

We also enjoyed some golfing and a couple of bonfires.

And what is a Jacobs Family Gathering without some badminton?

Our next summertime adventure was a trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum with my bestest Jamie and her hubs.

The kids had a blast. Marie flew from one thing to the next while Jack mosied slowly, just like his dad.

We were there from open to close and loved every minute! It really is a great museum and I highly recommend it! I also recommend finding a best friend like Jamie :)

Many more summer adventures (aka blessings) ahead including a nice long trip to PA!

Sometimes it is just downright impossible to begin to fathom how much God loves us and loves to be a daddy.

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