Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday, Marie Love!

Dear Sweet Goob,

You're 5. I'm having trouble grasping that.

July 2012
July 2012
You claim that you aren't growing up but every day you get a little bit taller, a little bit smarter, a little bit more beautiful. I couldn't be more proud of you.

August 2012
Your current loves are princesses, playing outside, dancing and singing, and being a big sis.

September 2012
September 2012
I love you're girly-ness. You sometimes introduce yourself as "Marie Repunzel." You love to wear dresses and headbands and bows. You hate when I brush your hair but love when I braid it.

December 2012
You had your first year of dance class and absolutely loved it. Your face was painted with pure joy during every class. And we were overwhelmed with pride watching you perform. Throughout the year we were able to see you gradually pull out of your shell. You learned confidence and listening to instruction. And it seemed to bring out your hidden athletic ability.

January 2013
February 2013
We are working on being grateful so that we don't whine quite so much. We'll get there. What is most important is that you recognize that you are a sinner and you need the one and only Savior, Jesus Christ. There are some days that I just cannot wait until the Spirit lives in your heart for so many reasons!

March 2013
April 2013
I love you more than life, Sweet Girl, and will continue to pray for you every single day of my life. I know God has some amazing plans for your life. I can't wait to watch you grow, just please do it slowly!
April 2013
May 2013
I love you, Goob!

July 2013

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