Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our 100th Day of School!

Yesterday we celebrated 100 days of school completed!

I am not a big-project kinda girl. I need simplicity. That is how God made me so I accept it. But I do love teaching my kids using themes and celebrations! (See our Dr. Seuss celebration).

So to commemorate our 100th day of learning here at our house, I found these ideas while the kids were busy doing their math...

-The worksheets from HERE are awesome!

Writing prompt: "My favorite part of the first 100 days was..."

Coloring page.
-We did 100 jumping jacks! (Taking a break at 50)

-Using the Math-U-See blocks, we found different ways to make 100.

-100 paint dots using q-tips.

-We practiced with money by making 100cents/1dollar.

-And last, but certainly not least, we read a book of course! I happened across one at the library the other day.

Hope this is helpful for someone! Especially someone like me who needs simplicity paired with very last minute planning!

((THANK YOU to the wonderful mommas/teachers for some of these fantastic, simple ideas!))

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