Thursday, June 23, 2016


That title is no typo.

"mlkh" is the Hebrew word for "work."

Work is really important in our family.

Derek's motto is "work first, play later." I'll be honest, I'm not real good at that. I'm especially not good at making the kids live by that. But I'm working on it!

Jack has said for the last couple of years that he wants to be a "worker" when he grows up, just like his daddy. It's interesting given the fact that Jack is... well... not the worker in the family. He can always find something to distract himself with when he's supposed to be working. Doodling snails on his math pages. Picking his nails. Observing and crushing every bug he comes in contact with in the garden. Staring at the wall has been more entertaining for him than doing his schoolwork! "Worker" is not how I would describe him. But because he wants to be one, we keep pushing him, encouraging him, reminding him of his dream of being like daddy.

I know he'll get there. Because work is actually a blessing. As much as we would like to believe it, it is NOT a result of Adam's sin. It is a purpose to our existence.
The Lord God placed man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it. Genesis 2:15
 This is why I love gardening so much. It's the original work. It brings me back to the basics. It connects me with my Creator in a way I don't experience otherwise. And it's an excellent way to challenge my kids to do hard work, wait patiently, and reap delicious rewards.

But it's not just gardening that I'm referring to. It is whatever work God has called you to.
"Work was never designed to be a curse. It was designed to be an invitation by God to participate in His creative nature." -Hugh Johnson (yup, my dad!)
((Trust me, I believe in rest! But that's a whole different post.))

 Now I'm off to become even more connected to my Creator by cleaning the bathroom........

*THANK YOU to my Dadda from whom most of the above wisdom came from. Love you!

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