Friday, November 17, 2017

Praise in the simple

It is drop-off week for Operation Christmas Child. Yesterday we dropped our box off and ever since posting a picture of our sweet babes laying hands on our box and praying for the little boy who will eventually receive it, I've felt compelled to write this post...

Because while OCC is an amazing ministry and we LOVE being a part of it every year, you don't have to be a part of it.

Because following a clever advent calendar full of daily activities and such is a beautiful way to celebrate Jesus, we don't have to do one.

Because while the elf is fun and exciting for the babes, we don't have to have one.

Because while Christmas lights hung around our windows would make this momma super happy, he doesn't have to hang them.

Because while serving at a local food pantry is an excellent opportunity, we don't have to drag our 5 littles there to add mass chaos to the whole scene.

Because while I LOVE sending and receiving Christmas cards, our bank account doesn't have to empty on the account of them.

We've tried so many different ways to make sure that this holiday season is fully focused on Jesus, family, and serving others, and have found that the simpler the better. For us. And there is so much peace with the decision to back off and simplify our praising. We've chosen what we believe to be top priority for our family and are careful to only add (or take away) what is in line with our family values in whatever season of life we are in.

I want to encourage you to do the same! As your friends post about the different things they do for the holiday season, build them up with encouragement! And be content with what God has called your family to invest time in. None of us can do it all. And no two families are the same. Relish your uniqueness!

We are going to focus on how we can best praise our Jesus this year and every year! And I'll be enjoying seeing how you all celebrate Him this year too :)

((If you are interested in packing a box for OCC, there's still plenty of time! Drop-off locations are open til Monday, and you can pack one online, too! Only if you feel so led, of course))

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