Thursday, May 10, 2018

Date Night: April Edition

I love April.

It being my birthday month has everything to do with it.

I don't like growing older but I love my birthday.

Just do what Derek does and don't try to understand me. It can't be done.

I still remember how in high school my friends would deck out my locker every year. They always made me feel so special (thanks, Dava!). Derek does an excellent job of that, also. He's not the type to decorate, but that's not what I would want at this time in my life.

He always knows exactly what will fill my heart the most. Even though I spend basically every waking hour with my kids, time together with my family is my very favorite.

And if it's free (or mostly free) and nature is involved, he's nailed it.

The weekend of my birthday was packed full of goodness. It all began on Friday night with a girls night with my biggest.

We went to Secret Keeper Girl where we learned about how God has made us each a masterpiece. It was incredible and all sorts of fun. Lifelong memories were made.

Derek had to work on Saturday morning so we all just lounged around. (It was my birthday weekend. Dishes were not on the agenda!) He came home and we all piled into the van and drove 1.75 minutes to a small lake to go hiking.

Afterwards, we dropped the kids at my Bro and SILs and headed to the theater with the lounge seats. We ate popcorn, drank soda, and watched I Can Only Imagine. (Highly recommend, by the way!!)

A quick stop at my fave sandwich place - Penn Station - then some chat time with the sibs and home again.

On my birthday, we went to one of our favorite places: church. Family celebration followed at my parents house. Then Derek and the kids went to kids club/youth group, and I settled into a couple of chairs with a good book.

It was stress-free. It was full of family. It was perfect.

Thank you, husband! On to another year of this glorious life. Interesting how I haven't aged at all in years...


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