Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Letter M Crafts

Here are three letter M craft ideas we enjoyed recently!

Monkey Masks

Print out the template HERE, color, cut, and play!

Marshmallow Painting

I found a bubble letter M through google and printed it out. Then we dipped large marshmallows in paint and painted away!

 They got to enjoy a treat of one CLEAN marshmallow :)
We used large marshmallows because that's what we had on hand. You could use a variety of sizes. You could also glue the marshmallows on the M.

Monster M

We got some cutting practice in with this one. Then I just let the kids create!

For more ideas than you'll probably ever be able to use, check out the Letter M Activities page over at The Measured Mom! Love her site.

Love our happy wall!


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