Monday, January 18, 2010

Coloring with my Girl.

Today was a rough day for a number of reasons which I will expand on another time. But one of the main reasons was because my little Bug decided to give us a taste of the terrible 2's. It's amazing how defiant such a tiny creature can be! But there were a couple highlights that made the day worth it. At one point Marie and I walked around the block hand in hand. There is something so precious about holding my baby's hand and just enjoying the outside world. She had a great time. As a result, so did I!

Another highlight was when I found something to keep her *quietly* entertained.

My Doodle's doodles.

She soon lost interest and I found her removing and replacing the colored pencils.

Then I found this...

Then this...

When it was time to put them away, she was not happy. But I definitely enjoyed the few minutes of a content toddler. Just a few minutes is all I need to remember how much I absolutely adore her.

My unconditional love for this child often reminds me of the kind of love God has for me. Marie did absolutely nothing to earn the love that I can't seem to contain. Even on days like today when I wish I had a pair of earplugs, my love for her never wavers. And I don't love her, can't love her, the way God loves me. It's impossible to fathom. But I am oh so grateful.

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