Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Bundle #2

There's so many fears I have about Baby #2... just the thought of having 2 is a little overwhelming! And I'm uncomfortable and frustrated with my weight. So overall, the past 4 months haven't been all that thrilling to me. And while I've felt this little booger for a couple weeks now, tonight I was especially touched (no pun intended!)

Maybe I'm just really tired... no I mean I am definitely really tired. Maybe it's just the hormones added to the tiredness, but I finally felt connected to this little guy (or girl!) and so I got out my magazine and read about how he/she is growing and changing this month.

The little creature actually looks like a human! A tiny 5 inch transparent, disproportionate human! He's got ams, legs, fingers, toes, eyes, ears, mouth and nose! (I could not resist). He can hear my toddler's high pitched screams and would get annoyed - because he is his mother's child - if someone put a flashlight to his cozy little home.

Obviously many more details are being knitted and woven by God Himself physically. But it means so much to me that God Himself is softening my heart to this tiny little Babe and I'm beginning - only just beginning - to kind of understand what it's like to have equal parts love for more than one child. I'm sure I won't fully understand it until this Itty Bitty is in my arms, but I've thoroughly enjoyed the glimpse. Thank you, Lord.

I still have trouble imagining I could possibly have enough love to share when I look into this sweet face...

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