Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blessings of being a parent

There are many sacrifices a person has to make when becoming a parent. But as I look back on the past couple of years I realize that those sacrifices have been replaced with blessings that make the "sacrifices" seem trivial.

I'm not just talking about the amazing blessing of getting to hold and love on and teach and adore my sweet, beautiful, precious child. That alone would be more than worth the "sacrifices," but God is also a parent and He loves to lavish on extra blessings just because.

Today I was thinking about where I would be if I wasn't a parent right now. My closest PA friend and I would probably not be nearly as close if we hadn't been pregnant together two years ago.

Another great friend of mine and I probably never would have met if we didn't both have baby girls in July. Those, I consider huge blessings.


Then there's the silly little things you would never think of before becoming a parent. Like how exciting it is to go to the zoo or the park. How suddenly an Easter egg hunt goes from simply traditional, to (a dozen pictures later) something Derek and I walked away from saying, "That was so fun!" I've never been a very social person, but now I get excited to bring Marie to the library or on a playdate. The blessing of watching her learn and grow is impossible to understand unless you are a parent.

And then when Derek and I get to go out on a date or I get to go out with the girls, something away from my little Goob, those things are so much more precious and appreciated. But of course I miss my baby girl the whole time and LOVE the huge hug I get when I return. It's all so worth it.

While life does change dramatically once you become a parent, nearly two years into parenthood I can't imagine life better than this.

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  1. Good job, baby girl! I love reading your blog. It makes my heart expand seeing you have a family of your own to love. What a double blessing that has become as we watch our children have children.


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