Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Casting Crowns

Derek and I won tickets to see Casting Crowns in State College, PA last week. It was amazing, of course! A great birthday present for me. We also enjoyed hearing Caleb and Tenth Avenue North. Loved all three. Both Tenth Ave. North and Casting Crowns played my favorites so I decided to share one.

Casting Crowns never fails to come out with songs that are incredibly convicting and often exactly what I need to hear. I will never forget when I first heard "Slow Fade." I had been praying about a situation that seemed to rear its ugly head over night. Right then, Slow Fade came on the radio. It was literally like God was responding to my prayer of confusion, not only opening my eyes to the truth of the situation, but convicting me personally to constantly be on guard.

Everybody needs to watch this video and listen to the lyrics. While there is a specific story told in this video, it applies to every area in life. Ask God if there is a chain in your life leading you toward something horrible, and make sure to break that chain now before it's too late.

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