Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Jacobs Journal turns 1!

I remember when I decided to switch to Blogger from Xanga. I mean seriously, it was like, 3 days ago!

But it was actually a whole year ago.

Where's the pause button????
photo credit
Please let me know if you find it. I mean a functioning one.

So over Christmas break I typed up this post and scheduled it. I had extra time so I was working ahead. I thought that the Pioneer Woman Chicken Salad Recipe post was far enough ahead with the most views that I could safely talk about it here.

I kept a casual eye on the stats and still the delicious recipe was in the lead until suddenly...


The "Super Emotional" post left that scrumptious recipe post in the dust! In one day! What's the deal, people?

Actually it's kinda flattering that you all picked a post that had no help from an outside source like the famous Pioneer Woman. My curiosity just has the best of me.

What did I do right with that post?
  • Was it the title? Are you drawn to the possibility of a mommy-rant?
  • Was it the picture? It's a pretty awesome pic taken by my "old fashioned" Verizon enV3.
  • Did you sense the coming house update? It's been so encouraging to have so many excited with us! Thank you. :)
Whatever it was, I'm glad you stopped by and I hope you were encouraged by your visit :)

Come again!

Happy Blogiversary to the ol' Jacobs Journal.

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