Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Around the House {Guest Room}

Don't you love when you find something super cheap at a garage sale, not sure exactly what you want to do with it, but it ends up being just the perfect thing? Makes up for all those things you end up selling again in your own garage sale.

I found this last year for just a couple bucks.

I thought I would paint it and put it in Marie's room but there just isn't a good place for it. So we've had it down in the guest room.

It just hit me the other day that the color we used in Jack's room would match the guest room perfectly. So I sanded this little baby down, whipped out the foam paint roller, and transformed it with a simple couple of coats of beautiful navy blue.

I love it! But I had a cool idea after I finished that I can't do now. Underneath the old blue color was red. You can kinda see it in the pictures. I shoulda really sanded this baby down so more red was showing, then painted the navy, then distressed it. It would have looked amazing in the Americana guest room! But it's okay. I'm pretty stinkin' happy with the results. Here it is in its home...

Comfy, cozy, little corner of the guest room.

We're praying for a full size bed so couples can comfortably stay. We'd also love to get rid of this...

(Just the bowflex, not the trampoline or light in the background! Sorry for the horrible pic). I've been holding on to this baby for much too long. It's in excellent shape bc it's barely been used! We're asking $400 if you know anyone interested! ;)

When we get this puppy outta there, and get a full size bed, we'll center it in the room and it will be a much more complete look. But for now, I'm happy with the American pride in the corner :) Which, by the way, is made up of all garage sale purchases except the bed itself.

Gotta love garage sales!!

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