Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pin Projects

I'm not much of a project person, but oh.my.word. Pinterest is so inspirational! I've officially accomplished 3 pins.

Here's the pin...

Here's a horrendous iphone pic of my recreation...

It took forever to make and cost way more than if I had just bought a completed wreath, but it is my favorite wreath attempt thus far. It makes me happy.

Pin #2...

Mine turned out pretty ugly but stinkin' delicious! Even Jack loved them. Of course Marie and Derek wouldn't touch them but that is no surprise.

I made them for my future sis-in-law's bridal shower. See more about that HERE.

3rd pin...

Jack, Marie, and I made them with Tay. Love craft time! And we got to talk about what the cross represents.

Lots more that I cannot wait to try! The recipes are incredible. I think this is next on the recipe to-do list...

Pinterest is like the greatest invention for someone like me. I used to get all overwhelmed with the desire to try everything! Then when I was ready to actually try something, I couldn't find anything to do! Now I can organize all the amazing ideas and do things I never thought I could.

What pins have you accomplished so far?

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