Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Family Weekend

During our pre-babies relationship, Derek always had a blast doing things elaborately. Every birthday, anniversary of any kind, and often just because, he'd do something super romantic that usually involved going somewhere. Since having kids (and getting rid of our credit card!) money has been very tight. And just leaving for the weekend is not nearly as easy as it used to be.

Sometimes Derek seems to feel guilty about this. He's passionate about giving gifts. It's his love language and his spiritual gift.

This mother's day weekend he gave me exactly what I wanted and I just don't think he even realizes how I couldn't have asked for it any other way.

Saturday he decided to stay home from work. I love Saturdays when he is home. The kids are always elated. I didn't even get irritated when he dragged me out of bed at 7am. The amazingly delicious black raspberry smoothie and cheese bagel from Panera and fresh wild flowers in the vase made it worth it. And sitting at the kitchen table for just a couple minutes in the quiet morning before the kids smelled the bagels was priceless.

Then we packed a lunch and headed to the park. My heart is full just thinking about it! After the whole family took naps, we headed over to my sister's house for my nephew's 3rd birthday party. It's not often everyone gets to be in one place (except Rebecca - we missed you!) and it was so fulfilling.

Mother's Day morning Derek gave the kids a bath and got them dressed while I went on a quiet morning walk. When I got back, we decided to stay home from church for more family time. So we headed over to my parents and played hard. Derek cut down some trees for my mom, we ate a ton of very unhealthy food. Then my parents graciously watched the babies while we went to see Avengers and eat dinner at Fridays.

Being together for extended periods of time doesn't happen often. It was the best Mother's Day weekend I've ever had.

Thank you, Baber. I love you.

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