Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baby Update

I've taken miscellaneous preggo pics this pregnancy but seriously, they are not pretty. I just do not make a "cute" pregnant person. But here's a pic from 28 weeks that I shared on Facebook, so I might as well share on here. You will very likely not see another.

I had my fourth ultrasound yesterday. The third ultrasound showed strange measurements... apparently the head was measuring a little over a week smaller than the rest of the body. But yesterday's ultrasound put that to rest. Not only is this baby growing strong and healthy, it is measuring somewhere around 2 weeks further along. Surprised? Me either.

See, my due date is debatable, so it's hard to say exactly. But the doc said this baby is weighing in at 3.5 lbs. Whether I am 28 or 29 weeks, this is at least a pound heavier than average.

I also recently found out, just like with my previous babes, I do not have gestational diabetes or any risk of it, I have low blood pressure and I'm anemic (which supposedly contributes to low birth weight). Maybe this will go on the list of questions to ask God in heaven... why the huge babies?

The ultrasound tech said I have a super long cervix which I had heard before. But this lady could actually tell me something interesting... she said it puts me at very low risk of pre-term labor. In her mind that was a great thing. In mine... well sure I don't want to have this baby super early. But a little early would be nice!

And finally, my placenta has been low, which is the main reason for all the ultrasounds. It is moving up very slowly but the bottom line is, if it doesn't do some real moving, if I go into labor or not doesn't matter. A csection will be required.

Another question to add to the list... why all the csections??

I know that God's hand has been in all of it. I'm clinging to that. We desperately want at least one more baby after this one. It is very possible that after 2 sections, a vbac might be even more dangerous than a 3rd section... at least in my case with the big babes and the low placenta. Or maybe God doesn't want us to have 4.

Nope, I'm not ready to think about that.

It's been a crazy busy week. I'm tired and more hormonal than normal. But I must end this baby update on a much higher note...

Baby Amber Jade/Kempton Charles is healthy, growing, and going to be here in 10-11 weeks. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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