Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hugs and Kisses

Derek is home on break (hurray!!!) for a few weeks and we are thoroughly enjoying having him around! The kids are remarkably more happy when he's home. Even though I know he'd go stir crazy, I wish he could be home all the time!

Speaking of stir crazy, he just left for a long weekend trip with the school. So I'm a little nervous about how grouchy the babies are gonna be in the morning when they run into our room and daddy is not there. Jack has burst into tears in the past on such occasions.

It's very possible God brought along this pin to ensure that this weekend goes smoothly. (And also it's been a huge fear of mine since giving birth to Marie of losing or having a strained relationship with my kids).

Take the time to check out this blog post on Excellent ideas on how to strengthen your relationship with your babes! In the past, on not enough occasions, I've stopped in the midst of all I had to do while my kids were begging for attention and driving me crazy, and I gave them hugs and kisses and just played with them.

Can I just tell you, it works miracles! Even for just 5 minutes.

I am looking forward to some quality time with my babies this weekend, even if it means nothing really gets done. We're all gonna be missing daddy, so what better time to double up on hugs and kisses?

Please say a quick prayer for the group going on the trip this weekend. SAFETY, of course! And an overall wonderful time!

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