Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Queen Esther

The other day I asked Marie what she wanted to learn about in school, and she said princesses.

I know Esther wasn't ever a princess, but she came to my mind first. And she got to wear a crown so I figured that would satisfy Marie. So I set to work to find some fun ways to learn about Esther (in addition to our normal K4 work)

Here is a quick list of some fun ideas I found online. Some of which we enjoyed doing last week!

This first one was by far my favorite...

I printed, laminated, cut out, and taped on a large craft stick. Marie loved them! It was fun telling the story with these.

What little girl wouldn't love this activity? You could also use any paper dolls or magnet dolls you already have. Use this after talking about how Esther had to get all dressed up to go before the king. You could also play dress-up with your girl!

I've just started using "Find the Difference" worksheets with Marie. It took her a little time, but she did so well with this one!

I have so many fond memories of my Maw-Maw when I think of flannel board stories. I haven't done any with Marie yet, but I plan to! Here's a printable for your flannel board Esther story.

Our school week is never complete without a coloring page or 4.

Source: colorigx.com via Missy on Pinterest

And finally a craft...

I'm sad we didn't get to making these. Life got in the way. I'm sure I can think of another reason to make them!

The biblical theme I chose to pull out of Esther's story is to pray, then listen and obey God. We learned about when we listen and obey God, He works all things for good. We got to learn in real life when a certain little girl did not listen and obey her momma and everything went awry!

For the slightly younger babes, there are plenty of "Q is for Queen" printables...
The Schoolhouse
Confessions of a Slacker Mom
First School
...to name a few.

I am SO grateful to all of you out there who use your gifts of creating printables and of coming up with crafts/activities, and sharing them for free! I am a better homeschool mom because of you. Thank you.

I'm always on the lookout for themed preschool/K4 packets, so please share any you've made or know of!

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  1. These are so great and looks you are doing a FANTASTIC job with schooling the kiddos. I've attempted and flopped! We still do things here and there, but, really wanna gear up, plan, and put into action this fall. I'm sharing your post so other mommas can jump on board!

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for featuring my paper doll. I had a lot of fun putting together the Esther lesson (and the supporting ones for the king and Mordecai), so glad they are being used.


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