Monday, March 11, 2013

Rainbow Pasta

At our last playdate, we read about Noah and talked about how God created rainbows to remind us that He promised to never flood the whole earth again, and that He always keeps His promises.

The craft was pasta rainbows!

To dye pasta:

1. Gather materials:

  • Box of pasta
  • Rubbing alcohol/white vinegar (I used vinegar bc I had some, but word on the web is the rubbing alcohol works best)
  • Liquid food coloring
  • Ziplock bags

2. Fill 6 bags with evenly distributed pasta.
3. Pour in alcohol/vinegar (I put in just enough to coat but some directions say to fully cover. I skimped because I'm cheap!)
4. Add drops of food coloring (I used the back of the food coloring box to figure out how to best make the orange and purple). Be fairly generous.
5. Rub the pasta around in the bag to coat, then place the bags on a cookie sheet covered in foil in case of leakage.
6. Let sit for a few hours, turn once or twice.

7. Once they have set for a few hours, empty the bags by color onto the cookie sheet/sheets (drain any excess liquid first!) to dry overnight.

I spread it out on 3 different cookie sheets, but had to take this pic first!
I just love all the color!

Grab some paper and glue and make some rainbows! (Remember "Roy G. Biv"?)

And thank God for the beautiful reminder that He always keeps His promises!

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  1. Hi Lindsay,

    I'm hopping over from Ann's link up to count gifts with you. Nice to meet you! What a fun colorful craft, and so much fun to teach our kids about God.

    Jennifer Dougan


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