Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day at the Zoo

Our first field trip of the 2013-14 school year was at the Potawatomi Zoo! All of my sisters and my mom gathered with our various kids for some lunch and several hours of checking out the animals.

Here was my plan to make this day both enjoyable and educational...

1. Make sure bellies were full.
2. Read Genesis 1:20-25 and quickly remind the kids that God created all of these animals.
3. Hand out scavenger hunt pages (my husband ROCKS for helping me make these!), clipboards, and markers.

4. Have my big kids help me take pictures to make a "My Day at the Zoo" book.

We only took 3 pictures before Marie lost interest.
5. Have each kid draw a picture and/or write about their favorite part of the zoo.

After Marie lost her scavenger hunt clipboard, she started drawing everything. She's got a gift!
The pictures on the scavenger hunt page are all from the Potawatomi Zoo website so if you plan to head there, print one out!

While all my ideas didn't pan out perfectly, the day was a huge success! Missed naps and all!

What field trips do you have planned for this school year? If you are in the Elkhart area and want to hook up with us for future trips, let me know! We are planning one a month.

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