Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Curriculum for 2013-14

We are super new at this homeschooling thing. I feel like this year will be the first "real" year of school for Marie. She'll be in kindergarten. Jack will be joining us for preschool!

So for anyone else new to this journey (and for my own reference!) I thought I'd share what we're planning to use this year. I'll let ya know how we like it as the year goes by.



Anyone have experience with any of this? What curriculum are you using this year?

((The links are randomly chosen! I did not necessarily purchase any of it from these specific links))

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  1. Don't kill yourself trying to do all of that every day with Marie. Focus on Math and Reading...those are the big important things in Kindergarten. We are starting officially this year too, so I will keep you in my prayers as we are going through our journey as well.


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