Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Crafts

The kids did a lot of crafts at Sunday School, MOPS, and random other places but I'm going to just show you what we did around here. I love that the side of my fridge is covered in glittery, Christmasy-ness!

These are simple and would be a great way to pass the couple of days next week while the kids are off school and eagerly awaiting Christmas!

The Hand Angel

We talked about the angel Gabriel coming to Mary and Joseph. We used finger paint to paint each hand then put glitter on the paint before it dried. The kids glued on cotton balls and drew their own interpretation of what an angel might look like. Jack thought it important that his had ears, while Marie thought arms and legs were essential and ears looked weird.

(I'm learning that it really is better to let the kids do as much of their own crafts as possible, even if they end up looking a little… strange. But in this case, I did quite a bit of helping with the paint because hand print crafts are dear to me, and because paint all over everything is not ideal. I still highly recommend giving your kids freedom to do their own crafts with minimal interruption from you in most cases!)

Coloring Pages

Use Do-A-Dot markers for this one.

I've mentioned before, my girl LOVES to color. HERE (within these awesome packets) are some we really enjoyed that also had more than just coloring to them.

Christmas Tree Name Puzzle

We've been working hard to help Jack learn the letters in his name. He usually recognizes his name but that's the extent of it. So when I found this idea HERE, I knew we had to do it! And I had no doubt Marie would thoroughly enjoy it.

I had Jack trace his name on the pieces (Marie wrote her name herself), and then they cut their own pieces out and glued them on. Marie spent a significant amount of time using every color of glitter we have, while Jack took about 2 minutes to decorate his.

Nativity Scene

The top picture is Marie's from 2 years ago while the bottom is Jack's he did the other day. Since he had already done two manger scenes with popsicle sticks other places, I stuck with the simple. He also loves to cut and clue, but isn't big on decorating.

Birth of Jesus Mini Book

Cutting out the pieces for this was kinda a pain, but otherwise I really liked how this helped the kids tell the story themselves. And it's super cute.

((THANK YOU to the amazing women who came up with and put together these crafts/activities!!))


I highly recommend these books be read in your home every year!

  • The Candymaker's Gift (I talk about this more HERE).
  • The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (When the Grinch realizes that Christmas… perhaps… is a little bit more, he doesn't specify what exactly. Today we were able to talk about what "more" Christmas is really about.)
  • The Jesus Storybook Bible (This is a must-have for all littles, year-round).
Merry Christmas!!

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