Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Confessions: #losethebabyweight2014

Sweet baby Roger is 7 weeks old already! The day he turned 6 weeks old, I went for my first run since February. Managed 1.5 miles and would have continued if it weren't for the mosquitoes!

I love running.

How did I manage my weight during pregnancy? It was a struggle. I definitely failed in so many ways. It was frustrating, too, because I kept up with workouts and ate better than any other pregnancy and still had the second highest gain of the four pregnancies. I still ended at the lowest weight so at least there was that! I don't know why it happened but now that is in the past and it is time to get my body back!

The day Roger was born.

I am actually having a little trouble typing right now because my arms are still shaky from my first postpartum weights workout earlier today! I'm exhausted in a beautiful way! You know what it's like after a workout when you feel all toned and skinny? Then you look in the mirror and realize that there is absolutely no visible change from before the workout? Ugh, I used to get so discouraged by that! Not that I expected to actually look different, but just being reminded of what I actually look like as opposed to how I felt was annoying. But God has really been growing me in the area of how I think and feel about my body.

My body rocks.

I carried 4 extra large babies followed by 4 complication-free surgeries.
I have breast-fed all 4.
I can run.
I can lift weights.
I can breathe without effort.
You get the point.

Thanks be to God for this rockin' body!!

That being said, I'm still very ready to get rid of the excess! So the weight loss journey begins once again. Would you join me? If you have some baby weight to lose, ((even if it's been 20 years since you last had a baby!)) and you are in need of some encouragement and motivation, check out the hashtag "losethebabyweight2014." I will be using that with any and every Instagram (DandLJacobs) post I post related to the journey. It might show up on Facebook now and then also. Please use the hashtag also! It doesn't matter how you are going about this weight loss, we could all use the encouragement!
I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are Your works; my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:14
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  1. I'm in! I am 6lbs away from pre-baby weight but I have excess tummy and thigh sag. I can't run because of my MS but I heard the tummy is more related to diet? Any recommendations you have would be great :) It is so fun to be sort of in touch with you and see what a great Mom you've become :)

    1. Have you checked to see if you have diastasis recti? That can cause belly pooch that is hard to get rid of. But otherwise, yes, "abs are made in the kitchen!" Which is a huge part of my problem! Glad you are joining me on this journey!

  2. Work it, girl! I will join you in 2015 after this babe makes it into the world! =)


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