Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Honesty Day 3

My kids watch movies and play on the computer or iPad every single day.


We don't have TV but they have all sorts of VHS' and they watch PBS Kids on the iPad. They also play games on the iPad every day (Kempton is learning his letters and how to write them already thanks to one of his fave iPad games), and most of Jack's schooling is done on the computer!

And even worse, I don't have any set rules for these things. When I feel like they're spending too much time on these things, I tell them it's time to move on and they rarely argue. They do get a little obsessed with other peoples iPads because they have different games. That gets annoying. But at home they rarely obsess over it and I am perfectly fine with letting them watch movies and play on the iPad. They've actually learned a lot through PBS Kids and iPad games.

Now brace yourself... I've even used these things as a babysitter.


Doggone it, I just don't care what you think!

Maybe that's the honest part of today's post... my kids get all sorts of screen time and I don't care what you have to say about it!

((But I do appreciate and love all of you, my friends and family! You know that, right? :-* ))

Disclaimer: Fear not, loved ones, I am not at all careless about this. I do not use movies to babysit Roger. Only Derek and Marie do that. Ha. I'm strict with what they watch and I don't let them lay around all day watching. I also have plans to establish boundaries, but for now it's working just fine how it is.

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