Friday, January 23, 2015

Now She's Excited to Read!

Got this idea from a super clever fellow homeschool mom. It's definitely blogpost-worthy! It's been working wonderfully!

We have a basket of books that Marie can read mostly by herself. She can read one at any time to anyone.

She gets to put a sticker on her sheet every book she reads. (The sheet below I just found online. We don't do it by the week).

Once she's read 10 books, she gets to pick a reward from the box.

Can you tell she picked them all out? Thank you, Target.
She hasn't earned her first reward yet, but she's working hard on it! It's so cool to hear her gradually get a little faster and use expression. She's starting to recognize more words so she doesn't have to sound them all out. She still has a ways to go ((I suspect slight dyslexia)) but she's well on her way and I am one proud momma!

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