Monday, November 23, 2015

What was actually going on...

Our verse focus this morning in devotions was Romans 3:23-

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Well the kids got a good, old fashioned object lesson in how we ALL sin. Even mommy.

We were getting bundled up to take our very first Operation Christmas Child box to the drop-off. I wanted to gather together and pray over the box first. And, of course, get a picture.

We were supposed to all be grateful and excited. There was supposed to be all this joy and love surrounding the whole experience.

Not even sort of.

Tears. Tantrums. Spanks. Repeat.

...I need a minute to recover from just the memory...

The beauty in this mess is that God always forgives. We finally managed to snuggle up together, discuss our verse again, and thank God for sending His Son so we can be forgiven.

It was only then that we were able to gather around this little box and pray for the sweet boy that will get to meet Jesus through it.

Beauty from the ashes.

((I will be reviewing and giving away a copy of the book we are using for devotions right now in the very near future! Keep a look out!))

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