Wednesday, February 10, 2016

USA Roadtrip - Delaware

We have been studying our way through the United States this school year. I'm pretty sure the kids like it. But I'll be honest - I love it!! I'm a proud American and have always dreamt of traveling to every state. I'm enjoying doing just that with my babes, using the internet and Confessions of a Homeschooler's Roadtrip USA curriculum!

Okay, not exactly the same as being there, but definitely more than nothing. I love this country!

I thought since I have gotten so much help from fellow homeschool mommas and generous teachers, I would offer up some of my own help by sharing what we're doing with each state. Why not start with the very first official state, Delaware?

((Besides the fact that it happens to be the state we are doing right now ha))


1. This is our favorite states-and-capitols song.

2. Each week we color the color page from COAH's curriculum and usually one other page that I find on google. This week we colored a picture of the state bird: Blue Hen Chicken.

3. The kids are still very young, so instead of spending too much time on all the geographical and historical details, I pick out a handful of things I think will peak the kids' interest. Or at least mine! So we talked about the Storm of 1962 that began on Ash Wednesday (It happens to be Ash Wednesday today!) and lasted 3 solid days. We looked at photos of the aftermath HERE. I loved how this got my usually not curious child to ask questions! She has such a love for people (answer to many prayers!) and was very concerned about where the people went and what happened to all of their stuff.

4. We also discussed and looked at pictures of the Delaware Memorial Bridge that connects Delaware to New Jersey.

5. Delaware is known for its Horseshoe Crabs so we watched this cute home video of a little girl picking one up! She's much braver than me!

Don't forget to say the Pledge of Allegiance! We also review previous states we've covered and the 5 regions of the US: Northeast (what we are currently studying), Southeast, Southwest, West, and Midwest (studied last semester).

Next up: Review of Connecticut and Delaware!

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