Thursday, February 18, 2016

USA Roadtrip - Review

Based on timing, we are taking the week off from learning a new state. Instead, we are reviewing.

We have a couple of fantastic United States puzzles! Definitely worth investing in.

The kids worked together to put each of them together, then using a blank map of the US (googled) they wrote in as many states as they could remember that we have studied so far.

We also did a review game using simple questions.

We use region names for team names.
The idea is from our Road Trip USA Geography curriculum. The review covered Connecticut and Delaware. I wrote down questions, giving each a point value based on how difficult I thought they would be. We used a large dice (I know the singular is "die" but modern English is throwing that out so here's to keeping up with the times!) to determine who went first. They chose which card they wanted.

Jack was strategic and went mostly big right away. Marie went the other way and started small. Marie pulled through for the win this week!

Examples for-
5pt: Capitol, locate on map
10pt: state bird, state food
15pt: landmarks, events, region we are studying
20pt: name all 5 regions, name 3 states and capitols from different region

Next up- Maine!

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