Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Fun

 The 3rd annual pumpkin patch photo shoot was very different. There were key things missing, or just not quite right.

  • We were not in PA
  • It was too sunny and too hot
  • No Stacey
  • No Natalya
But we did manage to get some good shots. We couldn't really see the screen of our camera because of the sun, but we're getting good at point and shoot blindly and quickly.

I do not love change.

But I do love my family to pieces.

Marie loves "pumpums"
Jack doesn't love them quite yet.
Marie picked out all our pumpkins except Daddy's. He wanted to pick his own :)

Overall it was fun, even though we were sweaty and grouchy and, in Jack's case, hungry.

Happy Fall everyone!!

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