Friday, December 17, 2010

My Highest Calling

I have no doubt that God has called me to be a wife to Derek and a mom to Marie, Jack, and the future kids He blesses us with. But sometimes figuring out what that looks like day to day is complicated.

When do I leave the mess and spend time with my babies?

When do I leave the babies to play by themselves and tackle the mess?

How long should Marie have to wait for Derek and me to catch up on our day?

The past couple weeks have been rough as mentioned in the last post. Rough days/weeks always translate into a messy house. Always. I keep putting off the cleaning, justifying it with the need to spend time with my kids and my husband. I kept wrestling with whether or not it's really all that important to spend time cleaning. God would rather me invest in the lives of my kids, spend time in His Word, provide for my family.

Then I came across this 3x5 card Derek had tucked away in his Bible that had three reasons why he appreciated me. I only remember the 1st - that I keep the house clean and together for him.

So I finally caught up with the dishes.

Keeping up with the house chores is an important part of my calling.

Another important part is obviously my Baby Girl. I love that kid. so. much.

She's having a little more patience with crafting so I've been trying to be all over that. I love the look on her face when I ask her if she wants to make something with mommy. I wish I could capture a picture of it. She loves hanging out with mommy.

I. Love. That. Kid. So. Much.

We made this for her Sunday evening Sunday School teacher. She's Marie's favorite teacher.

She's colored several more that are hanging in the kitchen. These and the snowflakes Derek cut out of paper and hung from the livingroom celiing are our only Christmas decor this year. Makes me sad. But my Mother-in-law always has beautiful decor so I should get my fill while we're there!

I've also got chocolate covered pretzels in Marie and my before-Christmas agenda. I love being a mom.

I love being a wife.

I love my calling.


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  2. Hi Lyndsay,

    I was reading what you posted today. I am totally on my way to how you are feeling! I don't have a baby...yet...but I seem to find myself behind all the time with keeping my home clean and together.

    I usually like to remind myself several things. I hope you don't mind me sharing them with you. :)

    First, my first priority is to God, because I decided to get married, my husband is next. It's weird to look at it biblically, but God and my hubby are somewhat intertwined...meaning I serve God ultimately, when I am obeying and serving my hubby everyday...even when I don't feel like it. I never really 'pictured' myself as a homemaker so soon, but I have decided to enjoy it. :) I don't have to fight the traffic, the stress of a job, or the annoying boss/co-workers. Anyway, washing dishes, making dinner, dusting, organizing my home, etc., is what God wants from me and this is how I can obey God.

    Secondly, I can't really relate to you yet about wanting to spend time with your babies, but soon, right. :) Bart and I are enjoying and being challenged by a Bible study in our church on parenting. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time. But I wanted to share with you an answer to the same question you pose. I know you want to enjoy every minute of every day with your babies, because they will grow up all too soon, but where does that lie in your priorities? Our pastor shared with us that our children should know that our hubby is the most important person in our lives, beside God. This ultimately, gives them security in knowing that it will be okay to leave home one day...that they aren't the ones 'holding' the home together. I don't know if that makes sense or not, but from what you said, Derek appreciates the home cleaned and dinner together--same with that should be our priority...even if it interferes with time with our babies. One of my friends shared with me that she read about the 15-minute cleaning plan. She would set her timer (yes, a real timer), and clean whatever she could for 15-minutes only! This would help her not get sidetracked or busy with something else. Since Marie likes to do stuff with you, maybe you could start showing her how to start her homemaking skills. :) Anyway, I hope this was an encouragement to you. Have a Merry Christmas! :)

  3. sorry, I knew I would spell your name wrong. :( Lindsay* not Lyndsay. :)

  4. Thanks Lydia! It's always good to get the perspective of someone not in the midst of the chaos quite yet! Often times the chaos blurs the vision!
    By the way, you've always spelled my name with a "y" and I like it :)

  5. hehe, i'm so glad you don't hate me for spelling your name wrong!!!! :)


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