Sunday, December 12, 2010

Irritating the Enemy

Lately my life has felt like a chaotic mess. It's really hard to function normally when in constant pain. I feel for those people who have to deal with chronic pain for their whole lives. Thankfully, mine will be gone soon after Jan. 6 when these wretched wisdom teeth are gone forever.

It was really cool to see God answer a very specific prayer. The other night I was stressed out. Tylenol wasn't cutting it and I just couldn't imagine hurting for another month. So I finally gave in and asked God to either provide a way to get these teeth out earlier or take away the pain. And I trusted Him to do it. He did, almost immediately.

I still get a little pain here and there, but for the past couple of days it has been almost non-existent! Thank You, Lord!

Just in time to get an infection and suffer through two straight days of serious fever. Ugh.

The fever did finally break but I'm still enjoying a painful infection.

The list of ailments this family has suffered since moving to Indiana outnumbers my fingers and possibly my toes.

This morning Derek told me to be careful walking into Church. I said, "I'm not pregnant so it's okay if I fall." He said, "We don't need to spend any more time at the hospital!"

We've done plenty of heart searching to see if there is sin causing this mess.

Finally, Derek had an epiphany. Life in Scranton was nice and comfy. We weren't really doing anything for the Lord so Satan saw no threat.

Here. Here is different. Derek is in full-time ministry. He's impacting kids. He's changing lives.

Satan hates it.

I'm good with that.

So now that the fever is gone, Jack's ear infection is healing, my teeth pain is minimal, and I know we're making Satan mad, hopefully some cleaning will happen! And lots of Christmas crafts and learning about Jesus with my Baby Girl!

Here's to the happiest time of the year!!

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