Saturday, July 30, 2011

Halfway to the Half

We're approaching the halfway mark. So it's time for an update!

Can I just tell you...


It has become an addiction. Derek told me last night about turning a corner in running. We have both turned our first corner. One day 3 miles about killed me. Couple days later I run 4 miles and was tempted to rerun the loop!

This Sunday I will run my first 6 miles ever!


Sometimes I think I'm going bipolar when I run. I'll look at the loooong shade-less road ahead and think "oh man, there's no way," while in basically the same thought... "Bring it on!" I'll barely be able to breath because of the humidity and long to quit and smile because I LOVE it all at the same time!

It's weird what this running does to me.


I've only had one major disappointment... After more than 2 months of training I not only haven't lost a single pound, I've gained 2-4lbs! When is the muscle going to start burning the fat??? Grrr.

Anyway, check out some of my favorite things...

Running with my neighbor and amazing friend:
My gear:
(Running shoes the husband got on ebay for $20!!)
(Belt to hold water and my phone)
(My mini computer, aka iPhone and headphones)


And of course a long stretch of road! (Picture to come?)

The Half-Marathon is at the Nappanee Apple Festival on September 17th. There are two ways for you to support us on this endeavor. Choose one or both. Both is my favorite.

COME! Make a sign, stand on the side of the road, and cheer us on!!!
DONATE! Go to The Crossing website and donate any amount of money. The money will go to support The Crossing!!!

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  1. hey lindsay, don't fret and be discouraged about the weight part! when i was working out in the gym, i really went by the way i felt and how my clothes felt...and of course how i looked...i rarely ever used the scales to see how i progressed. :) i think it helped. keep going strong...i'm proud of you...i can't wait to hit the gym and do some hard core cardio! :)


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