Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Story of Us (Part 1)

Today we're celebrating 8 years since Derek asked me to be his girlfriend. In honor of one of the best days of my life, I'm reminiscing about our story...

It was the mid-1980's when boy met girl.

It was the late-1980's when boy left girl.

We were four. He doesn't remember those early years.

But I do.

Our backyards were neighbors.

I remember playing with Tonka trucks in his room.
I remember his blond bowl cut and dark tan.
I remember his runny nose.
I remember him chasing me around my house, trying to kiss me.
I remember bigwheels.
I remember the day his family up and moved (ultimately to PA).

That day was in 1989.

There was a time or two in the years following that his family visited the area.

I remember him and the neighbor, Joe, shooting "that girl" with play shot guns.
I remember running in my house to "freshen up." I was like... 6. What kinda 6yr old does that?
I remember when I came back out, he and Joe were gone. I didn't see him again until...

To be continued...

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