Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Girl Drops

Revision: I cannot officially sell these as children's jewelry. The regulations are way too high for me to ever be able to afford. So I'm going to sell them simply as "Drops." Use them for your children at your own discretion! Otherwise these are excellent jewelry for ladies or girls (over the age of 12!) who prefer small and simple jewelry! 

So in short, there will be no "Baby Girl Line." :( But my Baby Girl will still be wearing adorable drops :)

My daughter always gets all sorts of compliments on her earrings. It's an excellent opportunity to pass out a business card! But I've realized that I don't really have much for little girls. I finally set out to change that.

Introducing the Baby Girl Line.

So far I have a small handful of options:

One of the greatest things about these is I can make them in just about any color you desire! Plenty of options to match all your baby girl's adorable outfits.

Another greatest things about these is they're only $4 each!

But the very greatest thing of all? I get to take more pics of my Baby Girl. She makes me forget about my horrible photography skills :)

Love her.

I will be adding more Baby Girl jewelry soon!

**Disclaimer: Baby Girl Jewelry is not recommended for children under the age of 3 as it can pose as a choking hazard.

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  1. So, so cute! And what a beautiful little model you have! :)


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