Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Babies

So Jack is 14 months old.

14 months old?!?

{Breath in, breath out}

I've really been having a hard time grasping this. I think I keep wishing him to stay little that I'm missing him grow up! He whips out things that by this age he should be doing, but I'm still blown away!

So let's see, he is getting the hang of walking. (This video was taken a couple weeks ago).

He squeals and says, "Dadda!" when Derek gets home.

He announces to me when he has a ball. It sounds something like, "bah."

He loves to play peek-a-boo.

He will occasionally sign thank-you, and sometimes just say it. (Often sounds like "gunk gunk" just like his big cousin used to do!)

He is not in the least bit afraid of the trampoline or the slide.

He's learning to snuggle in and listen to me read without demanding to play with the book (learning being the operative word).

He can officially throw a ball as far as his big sister.

Today he said "bye" for the first time while he waved.

Okay, I could go on and on. Wow, I just love that kid.

It is definitely time for some discipline. He can throw his tantrums, that's for sure. Oh I just can't bare the thought of spanking him, but I already see the repercussions of my lack of disciplining! I'll get on that, I promise!

Marie is so fantastic. She's in learning mode! She's always asking questions and she remembers everything! You know the experts always say to use every day experiences to teach. It's so fun now that she responds, remembers, understands. She's learned about light reflecting recently. She counts everything but usually if it's over 3 it goes something like...

"1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11!"

That 4 just throws it all off!

She's learning letter sounds and seems to finally be getting the hang of colors. I can tell her to find something blue, for example, and she'll find something blue. But if I pick up something that's blue and ask her what color it is, she just doesn't seem to get it.

I know she'll get it soon enough.

(We start preschool here at home on Monday!!)

She is one serious athlete. Oh and dancer, but daddy doesn't like to talk about that :)

She's mastered somersaults (Jack is learning them too!) and the "sit stand" on the trampoline. Derek can bounce her five feet into the air and she'll land on her feet. She loves riding her bikes.

Her most recent obsession has been drawing/coloring. There is always a plethora of sidewalk chalk murals all over the driveway, back patio, trampoline, and Lexi. And some of the pictures I can actually make sense of!

Her bestest pal and fellow mess-maker.

She's begun to call herself (and one of her dolls) "Marie Wove."

And she sings. And talks. And sings. And talks.

And sings.

And talks.

The world would be incomplete without her.

I cannot believe I get to be their mom.

God is good to me.

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