Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hair cuts and a prayer request

If we're friend on facebook, you know that we (Jack, Derek, and I) got haircuts last night. This will be my second time donating a foot of hair to Locks of Love.

Derek loves looong hair. I mean I've actually been a little concerned if I cut it too short, he'd leave me! (Okay, not really, but he certainly wouldn't be thrilled!) But he loves the new do. He spent like 15 minutes last night brushing it and playing with it. It was nice.

Of course it's not short. It's still long. But it's different! And actually has a little style to it for the first time in... well much longer than I'd care to admit.

Now on to the motivation for this post -

The Half is in TWO DAYS!!!

I'm very excited. Very nervous. Totally pumped. Totally freaked out.

But right now my concern is my health. Thanks to an 85 degree day followed by a 65 degree day, I'm feeling kinda ick.

So please say a little extra prayer for me (and Derek!) that we stay/get healthy and just have a great time on Saturday.  I wouldn't mind being sick in bed for two days following the race, I just need to not be sick for these next two days!

Thank you, Friends. Please tell me how I can pray for you!

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