Thursday, December 29, 2011

Daddy's Dream

Daddy Draft

I find blogs to be very peculiar. I have a terribly difficult time communicating what I am thinking about. I find my thoughts to be very valuable because not many of them are heard. So, why would I "blog" about what I'm thinking about? And another peculiar aspect of blogging...why does anyone else care what I think?

So why am I typing this right now? No idea. Probably because I love my wife and appreciate so much that she takes the time to blog about our lives. I love reading what she writes, and I love that she keeps all of our friends and family updated on our lives. Thank you Baber!

To anyone who cares what I think, here is what is on my mind...

I am planning on running the Steamtown Marathon in October this year. I ran it once in 2006 and have always wanted to run it again. In 2006 my training was interrupted 1 month before the race due to crashing my bicycle into the side of a front-end loader. It was my goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon that year; I missed it by 20 minutes.

So, this year I plan to run the Steamtown Marathon and qualify for the Boston Marathon. Here's my dilemma:

Who will this goal benefit other than myself? I will lose time with my wife and kids due to my training schedule. I will be more tired and have less energy for my family. It costs about $300 to drive out to PA and back which we don't have.

Why do I want to run? I love a challenge. Running is the one sport that I feel truly challenges my bodies potential. I love to push myself to the limit, to see what I'm really made of. To run the Steamtown this year and qualify for Boston will be a huge challenge for me, and I am really looking forward to it.

Is it wrong of me to chase a dream now that I'm a husband and a father? I have some creative ideas on how to balance family time and dream chasing, but I was curious if anyone else cared to comment on my dilemma.


  1. That is quite a dilemma... nice to see you blogging on here btw Mr. Jacobs! Balancing most aspects of life can be very tough but I have a good solution... when you're home: be home. When you're running: be in that moment of running. When you're working: Give it your all. But when you have a busy schedule giving your wife and children all of your attention when you are home: is key. Even if it's laying on the floor all together and playing blocks... that is time well spent as a family. It's a daily struggle in our house but everyday is a step closer to learning how to balance life. Good luck!!

    ~Your Neighbor

  2. ~Your nieghbor cont...

    And to answer the real question... chasing your dreams is not wrong unless it intereferes in a negative way with your family life or unless it is not attainable. Feeling peace from God is the best way of knowing whether or not what your doing is okay... and when you ask you will most certainly receive!

  3. I think chasing your dreams is great. What a great goal for you to have! My thought would be checking with your wife. Is she completely in board with this big endeavor? Also, what about her with the kids at that time next year? The other is money. Is it wise to spend this much on a marathon if you can barely make it month to month? Will you be in the same position this time next year? Better? Worse? Can you do a marathon closer which will let you accomplish your goal but save time away from your family and money? Just questions I would go over if it were Kyle and I :)

  4. Ok more comment because I read this again. Haha. Your question at the end of whether it's wrong to chase your dreams even though you're a husband and It's not wrong. But if chasing a dream comes in the way of your duties as a husband and father then it could be. You kind of already answered your own question about doing this specific race when you said you'd be spending money you don't have on the race worth it to put extra stress on you and your family? I guess that could be the big question. Just another thought. Ha


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