Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How God Provides

Way back in the day, my dad was the president of Lifeline in Elkhart. I remember loving that he worked there because we spent so much time there. It was fun.

But, if my memory serves me right (which would be a nice change), my dad finally had to leave because it just wasn't possible to raise 4 babies on such a meager income. It was sad.

Derek made the comment the other night about how he really appreciates Lifeline and how it is so similar to the Crossing.

That's when it hit me... when will it be our turn to admit that we just cannot survive on such a meager income? Will it be 2 more kids down the road? Sooner? Or at all?

I wasn't stressing or even worrying. (I know, it's a miracle). But I had been thinking about it on and off throughout the day on Monday.

Then I got the mail...

I was pumped to see what looked like our first Christmas card. But it didn't have a return address. I kinda skimmed through the words on the front and opened it to find, not a picture of a family that I had expected, but a gift card for a significant amount of money.

I started to cry.

Inside the card was hand written the verse:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

 After spending time praying for these amazing friends who were sensitive to the Spirit and so generous in heart, I took the time to actually read the card itself and was brought to tears again. The words were so personal and humbling.

The most amazing thing about all of this wasn't just the money (that came the day after Derek said money was going to be super tight until next payday - dec. 16 - and cupboards were looking very bare already).

What really struck me was how God seemed to be directly answering my prayers of that day. Would we ever come to the point where we just can't afford to be in full time ministry anymore?

He said, I work all things together for your good because I have called you.

Whatever He has planned for our future has absolutely no dependance on finances. He is the Provider. He's got us covered.

A couple more things I took away from this sweet gift...

1. Even though it's been an entire year since we were last in PA, someone out there still loves us enough to minister to us in such a sacrificial and exact way. We're feeling so loved.
2. God has grown me since moving out here to good ol' IN. I think of the time we finally received our loan money. Or the last time God sent us a random check. Praise God, all these trials we've been fighting through have been doing their job.

And finally, as if this could even begin to be enough...

Thank you.

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