Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving '11 Recap

Out of the blue we decided to start a new tradition for Thanksgiving morning - running a race! With no training on either of our parts, we kicked out a 10k at the Turkey Stampede in Elkhart. Derek and I both significantly surpassed our goal times!

I love this running thing.

Everyone should do it.

Then Derek took me 4-wheeling!

I haven't been on a 4-wheeler in at least a decade. I'm pretty sure I've never driven one... definitely not a manual, at least! It took me a while to warm up to it, but when I finally did... woohoo!

I actually much preferred the trail in the woods to the huge, empty bean field. Kinda backwards, probably.

A couple hours later... windblown and happy :)

It was very muddy, which just added to the fun! The muddy quads...

And my very muddy hubs...

The turkey and potatoes (and lots lots more) came the day after Thanksgiving. It's our tradition. My parents rented out this huge lodge so our huge family could all fit comfortably.

The amounts of food was out of control. A-mazing.

I kinda forgot to get my camera out til we were all done eating and winding down... then I got distracted when I found some of my cousins playing "Disney's Scene It." So I missed out on a lot of potentially awesome shots. You'll have to live with these...

Wedding planning.

This is where I got distracted. Love playing games!

Derek took this shot. Isn't it amazing?? Yeah, that bathroom is, too.

The whole weekend was such an amazing blessing.

So now that you're caught up on the life of the Jacobs', come to the Old Bag Factory in Goshen for one incredible all-handmade craft show!! I mean it, right now. And bring your kids because there's free bounce houses! Woot!

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