Monday, February 25, 2013

Trail of Blessings

It has been a morning full of blessings. The only way to express my gratitude to my Savior is to live every moment glorifying Him.

We had to run some errands to finish off the grocery list and get some soil to get the garden started (woot!). As we're driving down the county roads, I began praying that the Lord would fill me with His Spirit. I try to make this a habit when running errands with all 3 kids.

As always, He did just that.

We're sitting at the stop light of decision... left to this store, or right to that one. I had been planning on going to "this" one first but last minute decided on "that" one.

The shortened version: The kids were so good. I found everything I needed. I did not buy anything extra in spite of the temptations. And we only had to go to one store.

The most miraculous of all: I was patient.

The Holy Spirit was in charge.

There truly is nothing more satisfying than knowing you're doing exactly what God wants you to. Even (especially??) in the day-to-day stuff.

Thank You, Holy Spirit.
  • Holy Spirit filling
  • Kempton napping in his carseat
  • Unexpected (and much needed!) chicken sale
  • Guilt-free shopping
  • "Horse" ride for a penny


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