Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine's Fun on Fridays

We are loving Valentine's crafts this year! Here's an update of our Beating the Blahs {Part 1}...

First we colored this...
Found HERE

Then we did our own version of this...

A few days later we took this idea...

And made these...
Marie cut her heart out all by herself.
Jack loves being a "heho"

They are currently hanging in the window above the kitchen sink. Definitely brightens my dishwashing time.

Finally (for now!) we attempted this...

My heart nearly bursts when there's a table full of littles making crafts!

This is the life.

I think ours turned out much better than the pin!

Another playdate and craft time planned for today! I can't decide which craft to do...


Or this?

Oh we'll probably do both eventually :)

Go craft with your babies. It's so fun! Make sure to invite some friends to join.

Happy February!

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