Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkins in School

Fall is my favorite.

I loved summer this year, but probably because it was cooler most of the time!

Fall is just my favorite.

My best friend in the wide world also loves fall which makes it even more special. Every year we make sure to get together at least once and our favorite pasttime is a trip to a pumpkin patch in October. This year we got to spend a long weekend at their new house with our babies and go to a great pumpkin patch!

(Unfortunately, my computer won't upload pictures from my camera so iphone shots are all you'll get for awhile).

We plan to get together every October until the end of time :) Next time she will have her own lil pumpkin! Love you, Jamie (and Eric)!

So on to the main point of this post... pumpkins in school! For Jack we are working on "P is for "Pumpkin" for the next two weeks and since he could get most of the Letter of the Week stuff done in just a day or two, I went in search of some pumpkin fun online and found great resources for both preschool and kinder! So I had to share.

1+1+1=1 has a pumpkin coloring pack for the coloring lovers in your life. She actually has all sorts of colorings packs that I am very excited about! My Goob could color all day long.

On the same website is a couple of great pumpkin preschool/kinder packs.

3Dinosaurs has huge pumpkin packs for your enjoyment.

Don't these mommas ROCK for creating and sharing all of this for FREE??? Made my night, fo sho.

I'm sure there's lots more but I've gotta start printing and preparing for the next couple weeks. We love homeschooling around here, by the way! God has been blessing the decision to homeschool on a regular basis. The kids are doing amazing. It's not all kicks and giggles, of course, but there is an underlying joy in knowing that we're doing exactly what God has asked of us.

Happy Fall!

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