Monday, March 31, 2014

Colors Unit

Marie is incredibly artistic. In spite of struggling with names of colors until she was nearly 5, she has always loved colors. Now that she has her colors down well, I thought it was time for a little more in depth study! Especially since she's always asking, "What does green and purple make?" (Insert any color in either spot!). We had a great time!

Check out all these ideas I found mostly around the www...

We had no trouble finding too many books at the library.

Writing/Language Arts:
My Color Book

Lego Game

Write sentence on how to make favorite color.


Make a giant color wheel

Experiment with mixing paint colors and Paint picture with mixed colors
Fingerpaint rainbows
Sandpaper tshirts
Rainbow Crayons
Rainbow Pasta

Predict what colors need to be mixed to make favorite color/color of choice. Experiment to find answer. Document.
Paper towel experiment
We had trouble getting this to work I think because the cups were too tall. So I had to  flip the paper towels around. Still got the idea and the kids loved it!
Soak 3 skittles in a bowl of water

"A Dream of Heaven" in the Jesus Storybook Bible
Wordless bracelet
1 John 1:7
Sing Jesus Loves the Little Children

((We weren't able to get to everything so don't go thinking we're superhuman or something)).

Meanwhile, Jack worked on R is for Rainbow!

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